The substances (salts) are easiest described as soap-like. When these substances are dissolved, the pH balance rises from 7 to nearly 10, and the carbon will not be as effective again until the pH balance has been restored to that of water or alcohol, approx.

pH7 (neutral). Before the carbon is used for purification, these substances must be washed or rinsed away:


1. Before pouring the carbon into the pipe, mix the carbon (stirring vigorously) with 2-3 times as much hot or boiling water in a stainless steel saucepan.

2. Discard the surplus water and repeat the process 4-5 times, ensuring that all soluble substances are dissolved away from the carbon.

3. Leave to stand for 24 hours, giving the carbon time to soak up more water.

4. Again, pour in hot or boiling water, stir and discard the surplus water. Attach 2-3 filter papers to the pipe and fill it with warm water.

5. Pour the saturated carbon into the pipe in such a way that it always remains in the water and all air is driven out.

6. Tap the pipe to make sure the carbon is properly settled and packed (positioned).

7. Filter at least 2-5 liters of water through the pipe, and fill up with alcohol before the water has run through the funnel, making sure the pipe does not run dry. If you let the funnel run dry by mistake, filter another 4-5 liters of warm water to get rid of all the air, and continue with alcohol before the last of the water has left the funnel. In this way the carbon is started up and no air remains in the pipe. The air film between and inside granules disappears. Filtration must be continuous; the pipe must not be allowed to run dry. It is best to have a large funnel or container attached so that you don’t have to keep filling all the time. It is all too easy to forget a filling and let air into the tube.

8. Lastly, pour a liter of water through the pipe to get all the alcohol out.